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Safeguard your revenue streams with BICS’ APIs that allow a fast and easy integration of fraud prevention & authentication services in your mobile and web applications!

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Simple & fast access to real time intelligence behind phone numbers IDs

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try { // this example uses javax.json (JSR 353) URL url = new URL("" + URLEncoder.encode(phoneNumber, "UTF-8") + "/mCheck"); URLConnection connection = url.openConnection(proxy); connection.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Bearer "+apiKey); connection.connect(); try (JsonReader reader = Json.createReader(connection.getInputStream())){ JsonObject response = reader.readObject(); System.out.println("Number: "+response.get("number")); System.out.println("Valid: "+response.get("validity")); System.out.println("Type: "+response.get("type")); System.out.println("Fraudulent: "+response.get("fraud")); System.out.println("Country: "+response.get("country")); System.out.println("Carrier: "+response.get("operator")); } } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException | MalformedURLException e){ throw new RuntimeException("Could not build URL", e); } catch (IOException e) { throw new RuntimeException("Failed to communicate with mCheck service", e); }

Phone number authentication as simple as possible.

Phone numbers have become the unique identifier. Discover what mCheck can do to tackle low conversion rates and losses caused by wrong and fake numbers.

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  • Reduce communication costs from undelivered SMSs
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Prevent fraud losses
  • Reduce SPAM & FAKE user requests

Main Features

Validate phone number format

Reduce Spam & Fraud when onboarding Users onto your network by verifying phone numbers before authentication or communication.
Numbers can be too short, too long and/or include special letters or characters. Avoid junk entries in your application by preventing your users from making erroneous inputs in your service. Validate all numbers before using them to call or send messages. Validate inbound calls and messages to ensure the caller IDs are not spoofed to non-existing number ranges.

Check Number Type

Recognise number types before sending out communications to your users
A phone number can be a landline, mobile, VoIP, technical, premium, shared cost or toll free. Some number types do not accept SMS communications, such as VoIP and landline. Technical numbers associated with global titles and MSRN ranges cannot receive or originate any communications. The type field helps you identify the best method of sending a communication to the end users.

Identify Carrier Name

Identify the Carrier code and ISO country code.
Want to know which codes you can expect? Download here all possible operator codes and associated operator names mCheck returns.

Download operator codes

Check Fraud Information

Identify and reject fraudulent requests.
Identify whether a phone number or the associated range has been previously used for toll fraud, SMS spam or artificial inflation of traffic.

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15 years of experience in Telco industry. Building and maintaining our own Global Numbering Plan and Fraud Database is part of our DNA.

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