Boost your messaging globally by benefitting from the widespread digital application of SMS through BICS’ SMS APIs!


Exchange messages with more than 7 billion users worldwide and across multiple technology standards and devices.

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public void sendSMS(Proxy proxy, String apiKey) { // this example uses javax.json (JSR 353) try { String from = "123456"; String to = "5678912"; String message = "I'm thirsty!"; URL url = new URL("" + URLEncoder.encode(from, "UTF-8") + "/requests"); JsonObject request = Json.createObjectBuilder() .add("outboundSMSMessageRequest", Json.createObjectBuilder() .add("senderAddress", from) .add("address", Json.createArrayBuilder().add(to)) .add("outboundSMSTextMessage", Json.createObjectBuilder() .add("message", message)) ) .build(); HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(proxy); connection.setDoInput (true); connection.setDoOutput (true); connection.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Bearer "+apiKey); connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json"); connection.setRequestMethod("POST"); connection.connect(); try (JsonWriter writer = Json.createWriter(connection.getOutputStream())){ writer.write(request); } connection.getInputStream().close(); } catch (IOException e) { throw new RuntimeException("Failed to connect to service", e); } }


Fast and easy integration of SMS into your mobile applications. Ensure the highest service quality through a recognized world leader in SMS by connecting to BICS’global footprint to 400+ direct connections.

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  • Overcome character number limitations per message
  • Interact with your customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get valuable insights on your traffic volumes and service quality

Main Features

Concatenated Messages

Sending a message of more than 160 characters?
No problem, the API will make sure it is delivered as one single message.

Alphanumeric Sender-ID

Increase the visibility of your brand by choosing a custom name as a Sender ID instead of a regular phone number.

Why choose BICS for SMS?

We have the expertise!
Recognized worldwide leader in SMS with more than 15 years of experience and preferred supplier of big OTTs, social networks and many tier-1 mobile operators worldwide.

Global Direct Reach

BICS reaches +950 mobile networks and MVNOs worldwide. Through its +400 direct connections, BICS’ network ensures the highest quality through reliable delivery of SMS and low latency.

Flexible capacity

Ensure business continuity or traffic peaks by easily optimizing your capacity needs.

Mobile Number Portability Support

Already available in more than 70 countries, Mobile Number Portability is a true hassle for SMS delivery. Through direct connections and via 3rd parties, BICS has access to MNP databases allowing the most precise routing of SMS. Visit BICS website

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